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Scroll through our blog to read our Dear Abigail column (written by our very own Abbi Normal), discover new books, and to check out news and information about our video releases and development.


The Paranormal Shopping Network is a fan-funded satirical web series that provides a unique perspective on American culture and consumerism. Our first season consists of three fictional commercials of products for zombies, vampires, and ghosts.

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All products marketed to vampires, ghosts, zombies, & zombie caregivers are figments of our imagination. Humans seem to understand this. Corporations, not so much.


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Monthly Schedule

2nd: ShopTalk with Abbi Normal*

7th: Web Series episode release (as available)*

13th: Book of the Month*

17th: ShopTalk with Abbi Normal*

20th: Newsletter*

*On Hold while we develop season 2

ShopTalk with Abbi Normal

Question Marks

Read Abbi's blog for Q&A from our paranormal customers.

Book Recommendations

Check out our library for recommended reading related to zombies, ghosts, vampires and other paranormally themed fiction.

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