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ShopTalk: Avoiding Supernatural Stalkers

Dear Abigail, Is it possible to prevent a ghost from finding or possessing you? Sincerely, Stalked in Sacramento Dear Stalked, ...
/ / Ghosts, ShopTalk

ShopTalk: Vampire Ghosts

Dear Abigail, I’ve been getting death threats lately. Or maybe they’re undeath threats? In either case, can a vampire become ...

ShopTalk: Zombie Pets

Dear Abigail, Can animals become zombies? Sincerely, Worried about my pets Dear Worried, The nanovirus that started the zombie plague ...
/ / ShopTalk, Zombies

ShopTalk: Undead Adultery

Dear Abigail, If your spouse becomes a zombie and is legally dead, does dating someone else count as cheating or ...
/ / ShopTalk, Zombies

ShopTalk: Lab-grown AND non-GMO

Dear Abigail, How can Christie’s Cranial Delights be both lab-grown and non-GMO? That seems like a contradiction. Sincerely, Skeptical Susan ...
/ / ShopTalk, Zombies

ShopTalk: Blue Blood

Dear Abigail, I’ve been seeing this human for a while now, but every time I drink her blood – no ...
/ / ShopTalk, Vampires

ShopTalk: Guardian Angel

Dear Abigail, I’m looking for a nice gift for my guardian angel, who’s been working really hard lately. But I ...
/ / angels, ShopTalk

ShopTalk: Macabre Makeover

Dear Abigail, I’m recently deceased and can’t stand the clothes I’m stuck in. Honestly, if I’d known I was going ...
/ / Ghosts, ShopTalk

ShopTalk: Death Stench

Dear Abigail, Recently, my husband’s mother became a zombie and had to move in with us. I don’t mind too ...
/ / ShopTalk, Zombies

ShopTalk: Too Much Sparkle

Dear Abigail, I just moved to southern California from Seattle, and all the sunlight makes me sparkle like crazy. It’s ...
/ / ShopTalk, Vampires

ShopTalk: Real or Not Real?

Dear Abigail, Are werewolves real? Sincerely, Wolf Moon Believer Dear Believer, I have yet to meet anyone who claimed to be a ...
/ / ShopTalk, werewolves

ShopTalk: No Trespassing!

Dear Abigail, I died several years ago and have been haunting my old home since then. There haven’t been any ...
/ / Ghosts, ShopTalk

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