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We're excited to announce that, as of January 7, 2017, Paranormal Shopping Network has been accepted to three festivals, with an honorable mention at a fourth. Two of the festivals (Fantastically Horrifying Cinema in Little Rock, Arkansas and Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio) have passed, but if you're able to get to New York City on January 21, come see us at the New York Science Fiction and Supernatural Film Festival. Our film will be screen with other paranormal shorts at 3:15pm at the Producer's Club in Manhattan. Micaela Colman (director) and Karyn Bethany Sawyer (writer/producer) will attend ...

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SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2016 — May is Zombie Awareness Month, and the Paranormal Shopping Network is all in! The web series opened its first season on April 7 with an ad for Christie’s Cranial Delights, which offers lab-grown, mail-order brains for domesticated zombies. And to celebrate the month, the PSN is hosting a zombie adoption event through its Facebook page. Don’t worry: the brains are fiction, and the zombies that will be “adopted” are actually hand-stitched rag dolls. The web series takes a unique position on zombie-dom, claiming that all zombies can, in fact, be domesticated if ...

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