ShopTalk: Macabre Makeover

Dear Abigail,

I’m recently deceased and can’t stand the clothes I’m stuck in. Honestly, if I’d known I was going to die that day, I’d have worn something else! My hair sucks, too. Is there anything or anyone out there that can help me?

Need it badly,
Grungy Ghost

Dear Grungy,

You’re in luck! GeistCo recently released the app GhostLet, which allows ghosts to refresh their outfits as often as they like. It comes pre-loaded with several outfits, but you can buy more. New styles are added daily.

Not sure what we can do about the hairdo. I’ll reach out to Dr. Geist to see if her team has anything in the works. If not, it’s a great suggestion!

Send pictures of your new look!




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